Road to ReGathering

We are on a journey! As we have walked through the last several months of being the church dispatched and scattered and not gathered, you have been so faithful! You have been a part of the online and Drive-In services; you have giving in amazing ways and you continue to serve and love just like you always have!

Now, as we approach our next leg in the journey, we are coming quickly to the time when we will no longer be the church scattered but the church ReGathered! As your pastor, I am so excited for this next season, with all my heart I believe our best days are ahead!

What does this road look like? Glad you asked. Let’s open the map together and see. Now remember, as it has been on this whole journey, this road might have a few turns and redirections, but join me church family as we ask the Lord to guide as He has already and to continue to Guide us as we navigate these road to ReGathering.

From my heart, we are moving forward! This statement has been strong in my heart over the last few weeks. It comes from Exodus where God told Moses to say to the children of Israel as they faced crossing the Red Sea – Go Forward! So, on this road to ReGathering, by God’s grace we are Going Forward!

Road to ReGathering Phases